Broadcast Energy Blasts

Welcome to Broadcast Energy Blasts, offered by The Emtuitive, Ethan Borg. As a thriving practitioner of energy medicine, I provide as a free service "energy blasts" all across the world to large groups of people in need. During the current Covid-19 Coronavirus international crisis, I am devoting my group energy blasts towards protecting people from pathogens I have come to associate in Chinese medicine with the 2020 coronavirus, covid-19, to the best of my abilities. Hundreds of people signed up within the first few hours of this announcement, and I can accommodate thousands more -- so please share with anyone you think will find this immune boost energy blast appealing. Again, the service is free and I do not sell or share your name or email with anyone else. This information is essential for me to be able to find your energy and that of the people you want treated, so when you fill out the form please be accurate and make sure you do not make errors.

Sign up to receive treatments that attack the pathogens I have associated in Chinese medicine with Covid-19.

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How This Works

  1. Click the link above and fill out the form to subscribe. Be accurate, and include full names of people and pets you would like treated. Don't forget to include yourself.
  2. I send out protective energy blasts multiple times a day every day until this crisis is over. If you have signed up, you receive the energy blast designed to protect you and there is nothing else you need to do. Simply enjoy this free service happening quietly and invisibly. Offering this free service is my way of saying "thank you" to the thousands of people who have supported my unique energy work over the decades
  3. When the crisis is over, I will send you an email letting you know this energy blast is being discontinued and will update you about any new ones being offered at that time
  4. You can "unsubscribe" at any time to stop receiving these treatments. Keep the email you receive when you sign up, as it contains the unscubscribe link.

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